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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between consumer mail and business to business mail?

Quite simply, one is the mail you will receive at your home address, and could contain anything from retail offers, to sales or new consumer services, whilst business to business mail is literally that: businesses may send out brochures and letters to other companies, reports or general business news.

Q: What size mailings does Lewis Direct Mail handle?

We handle small to medium sized mailings. We can handle up to 200,000 items in any consignment quite comfortably, although possibly the average size of mailing is around 10-20,000 items. Some of our customers use us occasionally for large mailings, whilst others send out perhaps 200 items at a time, but will do that quite frequently. There is no minimum size of consignment.

Q: How quickly can you turn a job around?

It depends on the size of the mailing. If there is an urgent request and we already have customer material in stock, these mailings could go out same day. Normally we would expect to do some preparation work before sending items out. As a general rule of thumb we can send out any mailing within 48 hours depending on the level of work that has to be done on the data.

Q: Can you collect from customers?

Yes. We offer a daily delivery and collection service to all our clients. Whether you want some samples or you want us to collect lists etc. from you - just give us a call.

Q: What sort of discounts are available?

Royal Mail offers a range of discounts through their Mailsort service. If we sort customer mailings into postcode area, bag and label them individually so that the Royal Mail doesn't have to handle it, you are eligible for discounts on the postage. Within Mailsort there are three different services - first class, which is subject to minimal discount, second class, which takes two or three days but which attracts more discount, and Mailsort 3 which gives the most discount but mail can take up to 7 days to deliver. Customers need more than 4,000 items per mailing to qualify for this service.

Q: What is overseas consolidation?

In its simplest term this means we sort and consolidate together all mail from our clients going to specific destinations overseas. Those going to the same destination country will be placed in the same bag and labelled accordingly. It is then ready to be sent out. We are one of the few companies of our size and type to offer a full overseas consolidation service, sending mail to every country in the world. Around 50 per cent of our mailings now go abroad.

Q: Can you keep track of the progress of each consignment?

Lewis Direct Mail has very clear quality standards and procedures which enable us to find out very quickly how a mailing is progressing. We allocate an account manager to each client. The account manager will keep track of a job from start to finish and advise at any given time what stage the mailing is at.

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