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Monthly reporting

Lewis Direct Mail will carry out monthly reports of your mailing activities to ensure you are getting the best from them, and help you plan ahead.

direct marketing companies Mailing activity reports:
A weekly or monthly mailing activity report will tell you how many documents you have sent out in a month, and how many were to the UK or abroad. This exercise is particularly helpful to clients who have several marketing teams carrying out mailings and need to keep track of them. We will consolidate all the results so you can see at a glance what you have achieved each month.
Database reports:
These remind our clients how many different files we hold on their database. Some of our clients carry over 500 lists - it makes sense to review them from time to time.
Stock reports:
It is surprising how many clients lose count of how many items they've sent out, especially when last minute adjustments are made to each consignment. We provide regular stock reports to keep people up to date with stocks, and this enables them to plan their next mailing campaign.

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