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Jargon buster

In an industry where jargon sometimes substitutes for thought, we prefer a simpler approach. For anyone new to the industry, here are a few of the more common 'mailspeak' terms.

email marketing company Database creation:
Hard copies of your mailing lists may be in many different formats. You may have gathered them by doing some telephone research, collecting business cards or conducting your own surveys. We will put them together in the same format and structure for you to create your own tailored database.
Despatch analysis:
We compile reports which tell each client what has been mailed, how many and which lists were used, how many items were sent per list, and which went overseas. A despatch analysis helps them determine the effectiveness of each individual mailing.
Stock reports:
Many of our clients keep their stocks of brochures, leaflets and mailings at our depot in London. We will conduct a regular stock check for them detailing how many items have been despatched and how many they have left.
Merge, purge and de-dupe:
a database is only useful if it is kept up to date. We will merge several lists together to form one database for you, conduct regular purges to eliminate any inaccuracies in the information contained within, and de-dupe - take out any duplications which result from the consolidation of several lists into one.
Overseas consolidation:
In its simplest term - the despatching of overseas mail. Client mailings are sorted so that all items going to one destination country are placed into a single mail bag. They can then be despatched. Lewis Direct Mail is recognised by the Royal Mail as an approved distributor of international mail, and has achieved DUET accreditation. To achieve this we had to demonstrate a proven track record and meet a stringent set of criteria for the processing of international mail.
An abbreviation for Postage Paid Impression. This refers to postage which has already been paid by the time it goes into the mail. An impression is printed onto the envelope, prior to mailing.
PAF file:
Abbreviation of Postal Address File. The Post Office keeps its own database of every address in the country, however details do change, with new roads and homes being built, and postcodes being altered as a result. We run our lists against this database on a regular basis to make sure names address and postcodes are correct, according to the Post Office's requirements.

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