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How does a mailing happen?

The complete service by Lewis Direct Mail

Let us imagine you want to produce a brochure detailing a new service to send out to a list of people. This is how Lewis Direct Mail manages the project for you:

For starters

email marketing services You write your marketing plan, put a letter together, and arrange for a designer to design the brochure. When the brochures are printed the printer delivers them to Lewis Direct Mail.


You send us your lists of names. We check, edit, clean and format your lists and finally check the addresses for accuracy.
You decide you want to enclose a personalised letter with the brochure. We laser print the letters, tailoring each with the name and address of the recipient at the top.
You decide what envelopes you want to use and whether you want to print a message on the outside. We supply the envelope and print your message for you.

Enclose and despatch

We arrange the enclosures in the right order and they are hand or machine inserted into your envelopes, and the envelopes are sealed.
Envelopes are then sorted, bagged and labelled. UK mail is separated from overseas. The Royal Mail collects both and they are on their way.

After service

At the end of each mailing we provide you with a report detailing what was sent out. If you are a regular client, we would send you weekly / monthly reports of mailing activity together with stock reports detailing the levels of your left over material.



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