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email marketing ukOnce you have finalised all your campaign details, it's time to arrange for the leaflet, letters and envelopes to be written, designed, and printed. This is another headache we can take from you.

You may have an excellent product but need help with a marketing plan. A marketing plan should form the backbone of any well directed mailing campaign. If drawing this up is not your core skill we can offer the services of professionals who will do the job for you.

Once you have decided what you want to do, we can also point you to someone who will help with your copywriting, artwork and design. If you have got past this stage, just supply us with your artwork. We will not only arrange for you printing to be done, but advise you on the best methods and paper stocks to use to obtain the best results, at the most economic price.

Whether it is one, two, three or full colour, a letter head, an envelope or a newsletter, we can do this and almost anything else you can think of, and in many cases at a saving to you. Equally if you would like assistance with your marketing we can recommend someone who will write a plan for you.


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