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supply and source envelopes - low prices - direct mail marketing, data management, email marketing, mailing campaigns and data management services by Lewis Direct Mail Marketing based in London UK

Would you like us to source and supply your envelopes? You would be surprised at the low prices we can obtain, but more impressive is the service we provide.

Due to our buying power, we are able to source very competitive prices for all your envelope needs. In addition we control the ordering, overprinting and stock control at no extra charge.

Our normal methods are to obtain keen prices based on anticipated volumes, say over a period of a year. But, we only supply and overprint quantities as required. This avoids having to carry large volumes in stock and allows you flexibility, should you need to change overprinting details.

With Lewis managing your supply of envelopes you gain by:

Avoiding the hassle in ordering and managing the supply of envelopes;
Utilising the best quality envelopes;
Never having to worry whether you have enough envelopes in stock;
Your envelopes will always be printed with the correct postage paid impression;
Your envelopes will always work on our machines;

And with our computerised stock control system, you will be kept informed of current levels at all times.


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