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marketing database, database marketing and data management services by Lewis Direct Mail Marketing based in London UK
Marketing Database creation

marketing databaseThe backbone of every successful direct mail campaign is your data. Some companies prefer to buy a single list and target it in a campaign. However it may be that you have conducted your own research and compiled a number of lists. Perhaps they may be as a result of a telephone campaign, or through gathering contacts as you go along.

Whether you have just one or two lists or 50 different lists, we can sort them, edit them and refine them. We can also consolidate them into a single list under the same format, if you require, so that you end up with a complete database.

How do we do it? We use specialist database software which is capable of taking all the information, storing it, then presenting it in the format you want. The advantage is that we can call up individual details for each client, including mailing history, at the touch of a button, giving you the analysis you need for your next direct mail campaign.


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