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Warehousing services

As you would expect in a quality direct mail company, Lewis Direct Mail offers warehousing and distribution for all your material. However this is not just a run of the mill service.

We provide:

Secure storage:
A separate and secure area of our warehouse, specifically designated for your material only. Each individual area is labelled and the details entered on computer.
Stock control:
A fully computerised stock control system for tracking all material, from delivery to post-mailing. As your company material arrives at the warehouse prior to despatch, we will input the details on computer, including codes, and location of stock within the warehouse storage bay. As batches go out, the system automatically updates, allowing us to keep you accurately informed of stock levels.
Easy location of items:
Every item of your stock, whether envelopes, brochures or paper, is stored, numbered and labelled under the title of your company or assignment. It is recorded on computer and also on a manual system so there can be no mistaking the identity of each item. Any member of our staff can locate your material within minutes.
uk direct mailing houseMonthly stock reports:
It is easy to lose track of stocks if you are sending out frequent mailings, as there are often variations in the number sent out in each campaign. We can provide you with monthly stock reports (or more frequently if you request), showing usage, mailing dates and remaining stock levels.

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